Askere alma dairesi

But a blaze may be extinguished as well as a spark; and I tell the Constable of Chester, that the fame which has set on his basnet for so many years, may flit from it in one moment, never to be recalled. Who dares to say so. said the Constable, tremblingly alive to the honour for which he had encountered so many dangers. A friend, said the Prelate, whose stripes should be received as benefits. You think of pay, Sir Constable, and of guerdon, as if you still stood in the market, free to chaffer on the terms of your service. I tell you, you are no longer your own master-you are, by the blessed badge you have askere alma dairesi assumed, the soldier askere alma dairesi God himself; nor can you fly from your standard without such infamy as even coistrels or grooms are unwilling to incur.
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